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Cancer Screening in Los Angeles, California

Save Lives and Money

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Earlier cancer detection is crucial for better treatment results and longer lives. Most cancers don't cause any symptoms until they're at an advanced stage, by which time it may be too late to do much about it. Many malignancies are diagnosed at a late stage when treatment is usually ineffective. Veritas Healthcare offers to bring Los Angeles Cancer Screening to your business or retirement community to help ensure the people in your care can detect and treat cancer before it wreaks havoc on them, their families, and drastically interrupt your workflow production. Call us today to learn how cancer screenings can benefit your business.

white checkmark iconWhat is a cancer screening?

Early Detection

Cancer Screening tests can help detect cancer before it causes any noticeable symptoms. Finding abnormal tissue or cancer at an early stage may make it simpler to treat or cure the condition. Unfortunately, cancer may have already progressed by the time symptoms manifest. Spread can complicate efforts to treat or cure the malignancy.

Los Angeles cancer screening model with office staff

Promote Community Health

red checkmark iconWhat are the benefits of mobile cancer screenings?

Our mobile screening units (MSUs) are an innovative alternative to screening checks in clinics or hospitals. Our MSUs are staffed by Veritas' outstanding health care team and supplied with technology for early detection. The increased capacity for service delivery outside of permanent clinics made possible by Veritas Healthcare is especially crucial in places without an infrastructure for Cancer Screening services. In addition, MSUs promote community access by providing screening in convenient locations, thereby minimizing the travel and time off needed to get screening services.

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Make Your Company Competitive

Bringing cancer screening to your business or retirement community will let your people know you care about their well-being.

By providing Cancer Screening Los Angeles employers could reduce the cost of insurance premiums, increase company morale, and minimize the long-term impact of an employee or resident getting diagnosed later. Veritas Healthcare wants your business to thrive. Call us to find out how cancer screenings can help with that.

Los Angeles cancer screening model with office staff Los Angeles cancer screening model with office staff

Tests and Screenings

red checkmark iconTypes of Cancer Screenings Available

Veritas provides a wide range of Cancer tests and screenings that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each gender. Our goal is to go beyond general cancer screening and focus on detecting cancers that affect each sex uniquely. Let's take a look at the tests we offer and what they check for:

We offer screenings to identify silent killers such as colorectal and prostate cancers, among others. Here's what these tests check for in simple terms:

  • Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA): This test helps to detect the presence of certain cancers, particularly in the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Cancer Antigen 19-9: This test looks for markers that may indicate the presence of pancreatic, liver, or gastrointestinal cancers.
  • Cancer Antigen 125: This test helps in the detection of ovarian cancer.
  • Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP): This test is used to identify certain liver, testicular, and ovarian cancers.
  • Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA): This test measures the levels of a protein produced by the prostate gland and helps in the detection of prostate cancer.
  • Cancer Antigen 15-3 (CA 15-3): This test is used to monitor breast cancer and its response to treatment.

In addition to these gender-specific screenings, we also provide a specialized screening called ColoGuard, which is designed to detect colorectal cancer in its early stages.

How are Veritas Cancer Screenings conducted?

The Mobile Screening Units (MSUs) employed by Veritas conduct blood tests as part of their screening process to detect various types of cancers. For prostate cancer screening in men, blood samples are collected to measure prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels. These samples can be obtained at Veritas screening facilities or in collaboration with healthcare providers. In the case of ovarian cancer screening for women, blood tests are performed to measure cancer antigen markers, such as Cancer Antigen 125 (CA 125) and Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP). The MSUs facilitate the collection of these blood samples, ensuring that patients receive the necessary screenings and accurate results for early detection and effective cancer management.

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Regular cancer screening tests are the key to early detection, giving your people a better chance of beating cancer. Contact Veritas Healthcare to bring the benefit of cancer screening to your Los Angeles business.

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Cancer ScreeningFrequently Asked Questions

Veritas Healthcare proudly brings Cancer Screening to the entire Los Angeles area, including surrounding counties. Our goal is for the betterment of the Southland in California.

Veritas offers a wide array of tests and screenings. We want to ensure that, more than a general Cancer Screening, we look for those that affect each sex specifically. For example, in men, we look for colorectal, prostate, and others that are considered to be silent killers. In women, we have a comprehensive screen for five cancer markers.

  • Men - Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA), Cancer Antigen 19-9, Cancer Antigen 125, Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP) and Prostate-specific Antigen (PSA).
  • Women - Carcinoembryonic Antigen (CEA), Cancer Antigen 19-9, Cancer Antigen 125, Alpha-Fetoprotein (AFP), and Cancer Antigen 15-3 (CA 15-3).
  • Colorectal (Cologuard)

Depending on insurance and other available programs, this could result in zero out-of-pocket costs for you. Often times cancer screenings can lead to long-term savings. Each scenario is unique, so contact us to find more information about Cancer Screening.

We will examine the ins and outs of your insurance to ensure you pay as little as possible out of pocket. In many cases, providing Cancer Screening can reduce your premiums and help you save money in the long run.

The scheduling of the Veritas Mobile Screening Unit can vary depending on availability and demand, but it is recommended to schedule in advance to secure a preferred date and time.

The duration of the visit by the Veritas Mobile Screening Unit can vary depending on the number of patients being served. Typically, the unit can accommodate multiple patients within a designated time frame, ensuring efficient screening services.

Businesses hosting the Veritas Mobile Screening Unit would need to provide suitable space for its setup. This may include an area for the unit to park and set up equipment, such as tables and chairs for patient registration and consultation. The unit is self-contained and equipped with the necessary resources, so businesses typically do not need to provide additional utilities such as electricity or water. Hosting the Veritas Mobile Screening Unit can be seen as a convenient perk for businesses, as it brings comprehensive cancer screening services directly to their premises without significant logistical requirements.

Trusted and Secure

red checkmark iconThe Veritas Healthcare Mobile App

Veritas Healthcare is a leader in the field of medical technology. Through our app, patients can register and schedule their appointments. This allows the app to manage the scheduling, leaving your human resources department free to continue with their day-to-day work. Once registered, patients have full self-service and secure access to their results and any other protected information. Through telehealth sessions, we can discuss your results and refer you to a doctor or specialists if needed.

Veritas Healthcare provides aggregated data back to the company in the form of easy-to-understand charts and data, which will include the total employees registered and a company wellness snapshot, including the number of people whose weight and cholesterol are outside of healthy levels. Our app allows companies to identify health issues and implement healthcare and wellness plans to avoid serious interruptions due to preventable illnesses.

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We believe in being vigilant when it comes to the health of those we love. Early testing, detection, and vaccinations can give us ways to fight back against viruses, cancers, and other illnesses that can interrupt our everyday lives. Veritas Healthcare wants to increase medical access that is beneficial for everyone. Contact Veritas Healthcare to learn more about how mobile health and wellness can benefit you and your people.