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Employee Wellness in Los Angeles

Workplace Wellness Programs

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Once seen as a little extra benefit to employees is becoming more necessary as the workforce is more focused on access to healthcare than ever before. Veritas Healthcare provides customizable Workplace Employee Wellness Programs called Wellness for Life for your employees. Through the program, your employees will get a health screening and can additionally get a customized set of panels and lab tests that will provide them with a better understanding of their health condition while providing the employer with a snapshot of what health concerns could impact their production as a whole.

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What is a workplace wellness program?

Wellness for Life is a program offered by Veritas Healthcare that is meant to aid in proactively managing health risks among employees. Individuals and communities prosper when health improves. If your organization is serious about cutting expenses, improving employee health, and boosting productivity, you should consider instituting an Employee Wellness program. Wellness for Life is a program that incorporates health and wellness within the standard medical model.

We offer an essential suite of medical services to improve patient outcomes and overall management. To protect the anonymity of your whole population, you will see aggregated data from all screening methods combined.

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A More Productive Workforce

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Veritas offers employers a powerful blend of user-friendly digital healthcare solutions and in-person testing and screening events to minimize the inconvenience of medical care. Our testing solutions are comprehensive and wide-ranging, including at-your-office COVID-19 testing, cancer screenings, immunizations, sleep & stress test, metabolic panel, allergy testing, and other health screenings. We can also provide comprehensive COVID-19 and flu vaccination clinics at no cost to your team.

Increased Productivity

Healthy employees are more productive. Companies report a 40% increase in productivity after implementing an Employee Wellness Program in Los Angeles. There are fewer sick days, a decrease in complaints, and an overall happier team.

Reduced Expenses

Workplace wellness is a smart investment with a proven return. When the well-being of your workforce is a priority, you’ll hire more quickly, retain more talent and reduce associated expenses. Your insurance costs will go down – while remaining compliant – and you’ll see a reduction in unemployment, workman’s compensation, and disability claims.

Actionable Data & Insights

When you have access to aggregate data regarding the health and well-being of your workforce, you gain the opportunity to bring out the best in your team – putting you at an advantage when it comes to Human Capital Management. With data, you’ll know which Employee Wellness programs are most successful in lowering the stress of your employees while also predicting and managing turnover.

Ease of access to Medical Services

Flu Shots, Vaccinations, Cancer Screening, Allergen Screening, Immune Panel, Thyroid Panel, and many other Health Panels

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Is a workplace wellness program right for my business?

The screening bundle is intended to detect prevalent risk factors in your personnel demographic. These risk variables are linked to the most common modifiable hazards that individuals may address via lifestyle modifications, which, if managed, may have the most significant influence on your medical claims.

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Services provided included:

  • Full lipid panel (HDL, LDL, and triglycerides*) cholesterol panels
  • Body composition (height, weight, BMI, body fat %)
  • Blood pressure (systolic/diastolic)
  • Glucose levels (Hba1C) (OlleyesTM)
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetic testing

On-site Screening Options

  • Events tailored to your specific requirements
  • Convenient and secure enrollment via the Self-Service portal
  • A Program Coordinator
  • Integration of wellness screening findings into the individual health record
  • Personal and complete aggregate employer reporting

white checkmark iconEmployees are more empowered to maintain and improve their health when the user experience is simplified, and incentives are integrated.

The patient dashboard was created to improve your employees' screening experiences and encourage participation so that you can better identify the health hazards in your business and devise future health-care initiatives. It provides a centralized portal for employees to schedule biometric testing and access and comprehend their outcomes. When the results necessitate a follow-up with a physician, a telemedicine appointment with our board-certified physician can be planned to discuss the findings.

Sign-up and Outcomes

Health Reporting

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Each participant will receive their individualized complete Wellness for Life report, which is vital to attaining great results from testing and data collecting. In addition, Each business will receive a comprehensive Wellness for Life report that will provide organizational trends and blind individual findings.

The Wellness for Life report is generated after collecting and analyzing all health test data. This full aggregate report, if relevant, is made available for personal inspection four weeks after the program has concluded. The reports are developed to assist enterprises in identifying demographic concerns and prioritizing future Biometric Solutions programming

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Employee Retention and Recruiting

With a program for Employee Wellness Los Angeles employers and employees can benefit and save money. This also makes you more marketable to new employees. With Wellness for Life, you will see an increase in company morale. Contact us today to learn about the benefits for your employees and your Los Angeles area business.

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Employee Wellness ProgramFrequently Asked Questions

A $50 registration fee is paid for each employee who signs up. Veritas will credit you back for all treatments that are paid for by the insurance carriers. If at least ten people sign up, the setup fee is waived.

Depending on the results, we may recommend employees to see their primary care physician.

We service the greater Los Angeles area.

Trusted and Secure

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Veritas Healthcare is a leader in the field of medical technology. Through our app, patients can register and schedule their appointments. This allows the app to manage the scheduling, leaving your human resources department free to continue with their day-to-day work. Once registered, patients have full self-service and secure access to their results and any other protected information. Through telehealth sessions, we can discuss your results and refer you to a doctor or specialists if needed.

Veritas Healthcare provides aggregated data back to the company in the form of easy-to-understand charts and data, which will include the total employees registered and a company wellness snapshot, including the number of people whose weight and cholesterol are outside of healthy levels. Our app allows companies to identify health issues and implement healthcare and wellness plans to avoid serious interruptions due to preventable illnesses.

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We believe in being vigilant when it comes to the health of those we love. Early testing, detection, and vaccinations can give us ways to fight back against viruses, cancers, and other illnesses that can interrupt our everyday lives. Veritas Healthcare wants to increase medical access that is beneficial for everyone. Contact Veritas Healthcare to learn more about how mobile health and wellness can benefit you and your people.