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Covid-19 Services in Los Angeles, California

The Name of the Game is Caution

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You have spent a lot of time and energy preparing for this momentous occasion, and you deserve to be able to celebrate it without worrying about the well-being of both you and your guests. Unfortunately, the manner that we congregate for events in the Los Angeles area, such as weddings, parties, film and television projects, and other events, has been altered as a result of Covid-19. Caution is the name of the game and the obligation of protecting those among us who are the most vulnerable lies with everyone in attendance. You can ask your attendees to take a test that they can do at home to verify their status, but nothing will ensure the safety of your event quite like a same-day onsite Covid-19 check performed by Veritas Healthcare. For your Los Angeles Covid-19 Services, call us at (310) 736-1580 to schedule a consultation.

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Innovative and Affordable

The innovative Veritas Healthcare service assists individuals and organizations in minimizing the potential hazards that are associated with holding in-person gatherings and activities. Veritas makes it simple for hosts to keep track of each individual attendee's COVID-19 test results on the big day by providing fast, affordable COVID-19 Testing Services for guests. In addition to testing, Veritas also offers group vaccinations and booster shots, as well as individual vaccinations and boosters at our facility. Through proper preparation and monitoring, Veritas can help you keep your events safe.

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Quick and Effective

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Veritas Healthcare is here for you whether you are an event planner, wedding planner, caterer, or concert venue operator. You have the option to require confirmation of vaccinations or a negative COVID-19 Test for venue workers and guests. Venues such as this are becoming more common, and you can exercise this choice. The best aspect is that we will come to you personally. We will make sure that you or your visitors obtain dedicated rapid test results in time for that big day by using RAPID testing, which takes only ten minutes, or PCR, which takes between twenty-four and forty-eight hours to complete.

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Give Advanced Notice

If you are able to provide testing right there on the premises, then each guest can arrive early so that the tests can be completed quickly and effectively.

You may want to stagger the arrival timings of your visitors so that they don't have to wait too long. It is essential that you keep in mind the possibility that some of your guests will have positive test results. We recommend having a strategy ready in case there is someone who tests positive while they are on the premises as results can be sent to someone designated as the coordinator for them to handle people with positive results. This will ensure that they are able to leave the premises in a secure manner without having to interact with any other guests. With our Covid-19 Services Los Angeles event coordinators and attendees can now feel safe.

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We need to prevent Covid-19 from becoming the gift bag that someone takes home from your big day. To avoid your event being remembered as a superspreader, Veritas Healthcare can help to ensure your guests are in the safest environment possible. Schedule your consultation for Covid-19 Services in Los Angeles today to find out how you can enjoy your event with one less worry by having onsite event Covid-19 testing.

Don't Let Your Guests Go Home with Covid

Covid-19 ServicesFrequently Asked Questions

A sample of nasal or throat mucus, or a saliva sample, is all that is needed for a COVID-19 diagnostic test.

By defining and communicating this boundary, you show your guests how much you care by saving them mental guesswork and putting their minds at ease. Of course, it's up to them if that's within their comfort zone or if they'd instead celebrate differently. Your insert card or FAQ section on your event website provides vital wedding facts, so use them to clarify your boundaries and what you expect from visitors. If possible, gather resources and instructions to aid your guests. Veritas Healthcare can take an email list and register people for testing before your big day.

Trusted and Secure

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Veritas Healthcare is a leader in the field of medical technology. Through our app, patients can register and schedule their appointments. This allows the app to manage the scheduling, leaving your human resources department free to continue with their day-to-day work. Once registered, patients have full self-service and secure access to their results and any other protected information. Through telehealth sessions, we can discuss your results and refer you to a doctor or specialists if needed.

Veritas Healthcare provides aggregated data back to the company in the form of easy-to-understand charts and data, which will include the total employees registered and a company wellness snapshot, including the number of people whose weight and cholesterol are outside of healthy levels. Our app allows companies to identify health issues and implement healthcare and wellness plans to avoid serious interruptions due to preventable illnesses.

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We believe in being vigilant when it comes to the health of those we love. Early testing, detection, and vaccinations can give us ways to fight back against viruses, cancers, and other illnesses that can interrupt our everyday lives. Veritas Healthcare wants to increase medical access that is beneficial for everyone. Contact Veritas Healthcare to learn more about how mobile health and wellness can benefit you and your people.